Apartments - Villa Maria - Famiglia Rossi - Soraga


Villa Maria

Famiglia Rossi

Strada de Barbide, 34
38030 Soraga (TN)

Tel. +39 0462 768455
Cell. +39 328 5512429
Fax +39 0462 768455




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 Type 1 - CIPAT 022176-AT-066719
 Type 1 - CIPAT 022176-AT-066719
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Apartment in Soraga - Summer - Photo ID 985


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Apartment in Soraga - Winter - Photo ID 984

Type 1

CIPAT 022176-AT-066719

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Apartment services

Balcony, Safe, Kitchen (separate), Microwave, Washing machine, Private sun loungers, Living room, TV

Apartment in Soraga - Type 1 - Photo ID 2476
Apartment in Soraga - Type 1 - Photo ID 2477
Apartment in Soraga - Type 1 - Photo ID 2478
Apartment in Soraga - Type 1 - Photo ID 2479
Apartment in Soraga - Type 1 - Photo ID 2480
Apartment in Soraga - Type 1 - Photo ID 2481
Apartment in Soraga - Type 1 - Photo ID 2482

Services offered


Pets permitted, Garden, Panorama viewpoint, Private parking, Garage on request, Motorbike garage on request, Bed linen on request with fee, Cots, Ski storage, Bicycle storage


Sunbathing garden, Sun loungers


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Villa Maria

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